How to put Canon FD lenses on nikon bodies

How to put Canon FD lenses on nikon bodies http://woojewel...

Lynny Lens - Tilt Shift SLR Camera Lenses Like Lensbaby Nikon Canon

The Lynny Lens is tilt and shift selective focusing special effects SLR/DSLR camera lens system for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony Alpha, Sony Nex, Minolta, Panasonic, Olympus, and any other SLR Camera which uses M42 adapters. Some compare the Lynny Lens to Lensbaby Muse, Lensbaby Spark, or Lensbaby...(Posted by Cameron Texter at 10/14/12)

Real Life Review - The Legendary Nikon 14-24 f2.8 Lens (used on a ...

The Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 , released in late 2007, is the stuff of legend; it’s considered by almost everyone who has tried it to be sharpest wide angle zoom lens on the planet! Just do a search on the web and all reviews say the same thing, the lens is a freaking anomaly! Once you try it your definition of sharp is forever changed. The lens was such a game changer that many Canon shooters...

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    Macro capability is further enhanced by the use of Special Low Dispersion glass. And since the devil is in the details, the product name has been engraved on the front of the lens You can get more detailed info about both lenses by heading over to

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    In the digital age, it's often been a Canon Digital Rebel or Nikon D3000 series camera. That's why Nikon's new But you will see a big change in the new 3X (18-55mm)zoom kit lens, a collapsible model that retracts, antenna style when not in use

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