Proper Camera Lens Cleaning Tutorial

Questions? Go here: Tutorial on how to clean the lens for maximum optical quality. Download the list of required s...

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How To Clean Your Camera Lens |

No matter how careful you are with your lenses, no matter how paranoid you are about keeping the glass clean, there’s always going to come that time when you will need to get out the cleaning gear and clean your lens. It can be as simple as getting off a few specks of dust that blew on to the front element while you were shooting, or it could be you happened to get a...


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  • Most Backup Cameras Don't Like Bad Weather

    Until self-cleaning features become common, most motorists will have to keep their backup cameras clean the old-fashion way. Some vehicle owners suggest coating the camera lens with a hydrophobic fluid, such as Rain-X, as a way to keep snow and slush 

  • Moment brings better camera lenses to some

    Each Moment lens will cost $50 through Kickstarter, and will come with a mount, cleaning cloth, and carrying case. There's also an option to buy both the wide-angle and telephoto lens for $99. When the campaign is over the lenses will cost $99 each.

  • One Dress, 150 Locations

    Jennifer Salvage's wedding dress has been seen around the globe through the lens of her husband's camera. The strapless white frock Despite some wear and tear, a local dry cleaner has kept all the garments in good condition. Since their honeymoon

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    These features are accessed via menus, and the camera's default is auto-everything in deference to the camera's main intended audience, which is snapshooters who want the flexibility of an interchangeable-lens camera. The Nikon 1 system is built around

  • DxO banishes noise from Panasonic GM1, Nikon AW1, iPhone 5s photos

    Whenever we've wanted to clean up a high ISO shot since then, we've found ourselves pushing aside other apps in favor of Optics Pro -- the results to be obtained from the PRIME engine are just that good. Now, photographers shooting with Apple's latest