Flower Macro Photography

http://schlueterphoto.com/2012-workshops Michael teaches the techniques he uses to create dynamic flower close-ups.

3 New Macro Photography Lenses From Olloclip - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

The olloclip Macro photo lens makes those close up shots with your iPhone or iPad a breeze. These lens kits install in a snap and feature a quick change system allowing your to switch to 3 and sometimes 4 different magnification options. Olloclip's precision ground glass keeps those snaps crisp...(Posted by Tekzilla at 01/08/14)

Macro Photography at Matthaei Botanical Gardens | Alanna St ...

Wonderful work Alanna! Thanks for sharing your expertise as the focus stacking software was only the easy part. I witnessed how intense that type of work was to capture.I would say you are no longer a rookie at this type of photography so let’s print some! Flowers sell and look great on the wall! Join us for our macro classes and we can create our own art!

I had the pleasure of helping...

Source: Alanna St. Laurent Photography

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    When it comes to gear, a compact with macro capabilities can work just as well as a more advanced camera that uses interchangeable lenses so don't be put off if you don't have a macro lens and DSLR in your camera bag. A tripod's always handy but as 

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    Taking a macro photographic tour of the yard allowed me to concentrate on the emerging beauty. Macro photography is, essentially, the production of larger than life and detailed views of relatively small objects–often such things as flowers and insects.

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    It really makes good sense but I would like to press that idea a step further, have you ever looked at flowers the same way, perhaps through a telephoto or macro lens, really up close? The buttonbush is one such flower deserving of your attention

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    However, though since my daughter bought me a new camera with a better macro I have been taking a lot of close-up pictures.” “I like taking photos of anything that I find relevant around me. I take photos of various things, such as flowers, fruits

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    ON Tuesday, November 26, club vice chairman Glyn Trueman presented the results of his Autumn Challenge – Creative Close-ups of Flowers from Buds to Berries – which could have included seeds, fruits and nuts. The aim was to capture Those taking part