Macro Photography Tips Part 1

Macro photography is all about the ability to get in very close to your subject so it can fill the frame completely. There are specialist macro lenses which ...

3 New Macro Photography Lenses From Olloclip - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

The olloclip Macro photo lens makes those close up shots with your iPhone or iPad a breeze. These lens kits install in a snap and feature a quick change system allowing your to switch to 3 and sometimes 4 different magnification options. Olloclip's precision ground glass keeps those snaps crisp...(Posted by Tekzilla at 01/08/14)

Quick Macro Photography Tricks – PictureCorrect

A normal housefly may seem just annoying, but up close and personal, you can capture a macro image that reveals every single hair on its body and the millions of tiny dots that make up its eyes. You see an array of magnificent colors that you do not perceive with the naked eye. Once you have truly experienced macro photography, you will never see tiny creatures in quite the same way...

Source: PictureCorrect Photography Tips

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