Introduction to Camera Lenses PT1

There are loads of camera lenses out there, zooms, super zooms, prime, macro, wide... but what are they all for, what do they do and when should you use them...

Dr. Rick Brinkman's Lens of Understanding

Sometime the perception you have of people and their personality is only accurate in the role they ar playing at the time. A better understanding can be achieved by realizing that...(Posted by rickbrinkman at 12/21/10)

How to understand the camera lens | Firefly Photography

We’re always on the lookout for things that explain to our followers how we work. In the studio, we love to play with different levels of light and it has become a signature style of Firefly Photography, Friargate, Derby.

With this in mind, we just had to share this ‘cheat sheet’ with you… We don’t think it’s a cheat sheet – we think it’s a really good, informative, guide that tells...

Source: Firefly Photography

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  • With digital cameras, focus on what you need

    Canon, Nikon, and Olympus offer full lineups for every type of user. Samsung offers cameras with high styling and multimedia features. Panasonic uses image stabilizers and Leica lenses throughout its line. Sony often uses Zeiss lenses, a well-known brand.

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    LOS ANGELES — What if you could pack everything you want in a big DSLR — including a massive zoom lens — into a smaller body? And as an added bonus, what if you could get video quality that trumps a big video camera, in a body three times smaller?

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    “We had some startup problems, like any system,” Kelley said. “We had camera lenses getting covered with salt, making it hard to see some license plates, and one of the on-board computers needed replaced. But now everything is running like it should be