0.45x Wide angle lens review

Just a short comparison of two 58mm wide angle lens adapters for my 550D kit lens. These are all over ebay and super cheap. **UPDATE**. I often receive the s...

Photo Tip - What is a lens hood, why do we use it?

http://blog.jaredpolin.com/ Why do we use a lens hood, what benefits do you get from it? Watch this video to see why you should be using your lens hood and why your pictures may be better.(Posted by Jared Polin at 04/02/10)

A wide-angle lens on fair use | Scholarly Communications @ Duke

I first saw the news about Thursday’s decision affirming fair use in the Authors Guild v. Google Books case when I turned my phone back on after an eleven hour flight from Istanbul. The Turkish Air plane was still taxiing at JFK at the time, so when I cheered out loud I got a lot of bewildered looks from my fellow passengers. I tried to explain to the folks sitting near me what I was so...

Source: Scholarly Communications @ Duke

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  • Behind the Lens: Planning for the perfect photo op

    After taking a photograph of Gov. Brownback shaking hands with Rep. Paul Davis from a balcony in the House chambers, shown above, I moved to the back of the room to get additional shots. I stood near the aisle and used a wide-angle lens to capture Rep.

  • Tiny Lenses That'll Turn Your Phone Into a Pro-Level Shooter

    Moment is launching a Kickstarter to bring a telephoto and wide-angle lens to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines. The lenses use a thin piece of metal (it's less than half a millimeter) that adheres to the back of your phone. That plate acts as a

  • Moment brings better camera lenses to some

    The Moment lens Kickstarter project promises to produce two lenses to make you phone photos look better: a wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens. Both lenses are The key, according to the backer video, is all in the glass used in the lenses. The

  • Framed by a lifetime

    I had some half-a-dozen Nikon cameras and perhaps an equal number of special lenses. The wide-angle lens was the most used one — 24mm or 28mm. When you use wide-angle lens, keeping the vertical and horizontal lines perfect becomes very important 

  • Polaroid C3 Cube Camera With 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens

    The tiny portable Polaroid C3 camera is also equipped with a microphone and LED light allowing it to be used in low light conditions. A prototype of the new Polaroid C3 camera is currently being showcased at this years CES 2014 technology show. and