Introduction to Camera Lenses PT1

There are loads of camera lenses out there, zooms, super zooms, prime, macro, wide... but what are they all for, what do they do and when should you use them...

Kodak smart lens cameras try to take on Sony - Gizmag

The Kodak PixPro SL10 and SL25 look, and appear to work, a lot like the Sony QX lens cameras. As self-contained lens-style cameras, they have everything needed to take and store images (though without a display to compose and review shots). As with the Sony ones, they're designed to be used with a smartphone which acts as the monitor, and can be used to wirelessly control the lenses....

Source: Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

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  • Kodak smart lens cameras try to take on Sony

    When Sony launched its quirky QX lens-style cameras last year, they were something of an oddity and very different to anything else on offer. But now other firms are getting in on the action, including JK Imaging, which recently announced a pair of 

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    Canon, Nikon, and Olympus offer full lineups for every type of user. Samsung offers cameras with high styling and multimedia features. Panasonic uses image stabilizers and Leica lenses throughout its line. Sony often uses Zeiss lenses, a well-known brand.