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This photography overview explains how wide-angle lenses work and when it is best to use them. Watch more at

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.4 Wide Angle Leica M Mount Lens - Black

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HELP! Wideangle Lens - Four Thirds User discussion forum

I faced the same choice over the summer, and came down on the side of the 9-18 to compliment the 14-54 mk1. For me the choice was going wider with f4 or having f2.8, s/h the prices are not that different. BTW check the s/h in store prices against ebay as in my case in store (nr. Inverness!!) was at least as cheep and gave a 6mth warranty. The other factor for me was that the 9-18 should perform...

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  • Moment offers Wide-angle, Telephoto lenses for iOS and Galaxy Devices

    It sounds inelegant, although Moment says the plate will be thin enough that you can use it with or without a case. The Moment Wide, as the name suggests, is a wide-angle lens that brings more of the photographer's surroundings into the frame. It

  • A super-wide angle, telephoto and macro look at Schneider Optics' iLens Pro ...

    As with most lenses of this type, however, you will see a lot of barrel distortion around the edges of the image. My suggestion for taking wide-angle photos? Just use the built-in pano function of your basic iPhone camera, or even better, use an app

  • Behind the Lens: Planning for the perfect photo op

    After taking a photograph of Gov. Brownback shaking hands with Rep. Paul Davis from a balcony in the House chambers, shown above, I moved to the back of the room to get additional shots. I stood near the aisle and used a wide-angle lens to capture Rep.

  • Polaroid C3 Cube Camera With 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens

    The tiny portable Polaroid C3 camera is also equipped with a microphone and LED light allowing it to be used in low light conditions. A prototype of the new Polaroid C3 camera is currently being showcased at this years CES 2014 technology show. and 

  • Tiny Lenses That'll Turn Your Phone Into a Pro-Level Shooter

    Moment is launching a Kickstarter to bring a telephoto and wide-angle lens to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines. The lenses use a thin piece of metal (it's less than half a millimeter) that adheres to the back of your phone. That plate acts as a