Photoshop tutorial: Removing lens distortion with Adaptive Wide Angle filter |

This Photoshop tutorial shows how to remove lens distortion from a photograph automatically with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter. Watch more at http://www.lyn...

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.4 Wide Angle Leica M Mount Lens - Black

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A super-wide angle, telephoto and macro look at Schneider Optics ...

When it comes to accessory lenses for the iPhone, most people think of the wide variety of lenses made by Olloclip . There are a number of other manufacturers who are jumping into the iPhone lens world, making everything from cheap $10 clip-ons to the $229 iLens Pro lens kit from Schneider Optics I'm reviewing today.

The iPro Lens System consists of a macro lens, a super...

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  • A super-wide angle, telephoto and macro look at Schneider Optics' iLens Pro ...

    As with most lenses of this type, however, you will see a lot of barrel distortion around the edges of the image. My suggestion for taking wide-angle photos? Just use the built-in pano function of your basic iPhone camera, or even better, use an app

  • Moment offers Wide-angle, Telephoto lenses for iOS and Galaxy Devices

    The Moment Wide, as the name suggests, is a wide-angle lens that brings more of the photographer's surroundings into the frame. It isn't wide enough to be a fisheye or distort the photo in any way, but this pint-sized piece of glass should have a

  • Tiny Lenses That'll Turn Your Phone Into a Pro-Level Shooter

    Today, you can buy a variety of low-quality optics that add distortion to your photos or opt for the high-dollar DSLR lens mounts. Moment, a Moment is launching a Kickstarter to bring a telephoto and wide-angle lens to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

  • ULTRAFAST PULSE CHARACTERIZATION: From femtosecond to nanosecond ...

    A massive pulse tilt can be produced using an etalon, enabling a single-shot nanosecond FROG. The pulse is first split into two halves (indicated in red and blue) by a large-apex-angle prism. A cylindrical lens focuses both pulses to lines at the clear

  • Pentax HD DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited

    It's impressively sharp, and shows very little distortion, both feats for a wide-angle lens. The build quality is excellent; highlights include an all-metal lens barrel, a useful depth of field scale, a well-damped manual focus ring, and an integrated