Photography tutorial: How to use wide-angle lenses |

This photography overview explains how wide-angle lenses work and when it is best to use them. Watch more at

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.4 Wide Angle Leica M Mount Lens - Black

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Creative Uses for a Wide Angle Lens | Photofocus

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I know that most of you have heard of the wide angle lens before. And also know that most of you think the wide angle lens is meant to take pictures of a wide piece of real estate such as a landscape photograph. Well you can certainly use a wide angle lens...

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    The iPro Lens System consists of a macro lens, a super wide angle lens, and a 2X telephoto. Keeping the lenses safe during travel is a three-segment case that also serves as a handy grip tripod for taking photos or video. Your iPhone 5/5s slides into a

  • Moment lenses are the latest attempt to make your smartphone's camera better

    Smartphone have essentially changed photography as we know it. Moment is the latest company to attempt this feat, and its wide-angle and telephoto lenses are designed to complement an iPhone's, iPad's, or Samsung Galaxy's built-in camera lens.

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    Equipped with three rotating lenses, the iZZi Orbit Pro case can help capture photos with artsy fisheye special effects, wide-angle views and 2X zoom shots. Twist off the wide-angle lens to reveal a fourth option: a macro lens for up-close images. Made

  • Framed by a lifetime

    The images in this collection of photographs taken by T.S. Nagarajan are like montages of a remembered past. They come back like . When you use wide-angle lens, keeping the vertical and horizontal lines perfect becomes very important. So, it takes

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    Sitting below the WB2200F, which was announced at the same time as the WB1100F at CES 2014, the Samsung WB1100F has a 35x optical zoom and a 25mm wide-angle lens. Behind the powerful zoom lens lies a 16.2MP CCD sensor that provides an ISO To