Photography tutorial: How to use wide-angle lenses |

This photography overview explains how wide-angle lenses work and when it is best to use them. Watch more at

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.4 Wide Angle Leica M Mount Lens - Black

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Moment offers Wide-angle, Telephoto lenses for iOS and Galaxy ...

“Moment lenses capture previously unattainable image quality. We optimized multi-element designs using the same recipe in designing professional cinema glass for HD film. We then fabricated the lens elements in the same high precision optical manufacturing facilities that produce lenses for 4K cinema. We believe we are the first company to integrate such high end glass into mobile lenses.”

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  • Moment offers Wide-angle, Telephoto lenses for iOS and Galaxy Devices

    The Moment Wide, as the name suggests, is a wide-angle lens that brings more of the photographer's surroundings into the frame. It isn't wide enough to be a fisheye or distort the photo in any way, but this pint-sized piece of glass should have a

  • Behind the Lens: Planning for the perfect photo op

    Paul Davis from a balcony in the House chambers, shown above, I moved to the back of the room to get additional shots. I stood near the aisle and used a wide-angle lens to capture Rep. Barbara Ballard, D-Lawrence, shaking hands with other legislators

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    When it comes to accessory lenses for the iPhone, most people think of the wide variety of lenses made by Olloclip. There are a number of As you can see from the photos in the gallery, the super wide angle lens really does give you a lot more

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    Edinburgh silenced the capacity Limerick crowd in the opening minutes, Tom Brown almost reaching Greig Tonks' cross-field kick although Laidlaw drew his first penalty attempt wide. He made no mistake with his second place-kick, Paul O'Connell rose

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    All this is enabled by a sensor attached to a strap that tracks your head movements and adjusts the wide-angle picture accordingly. HEAT SENSING IPHONE: FLIR Systems Inc., the leading maker of professional imagers that “see” heat, is bringing out its