An overview of digital SLR lenses

If you want to practice photography using an SLR camera, you'll need to know how different lenses work. In this episode we'll give you an overview of differe...

PS4 UI and Dashboard overview

PS4 UI and Dashboard overview(Posted by GaMeFORGaMeRz at 11/19/13)

Sony RX10 Review: A First-Rate Camera With a Do-It-All Lens

fixed-lens camera to have such a long zoom lens with an f/2.8 constant aperture. You get the benefits of an amazingly wide 24mm (full-frame equivalent), all the way up to 200mm, which is perfect for shooting nature and sports and, you know, other far away things. If you're worried about shaky photos, don't be; the lens has two types of stabilization. Regular optical Steadishot works great, or...

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  • Sony RX10 Review: A First-Rate Camera With a Do-It-All Lens

    A $1300 fixed-lens, long-range zoom camera. Yeah, that's a ton of money for what's essentially a super-zoom; those usually max out at around $500. But the RX10 is a whole other animal. It's got a 20.2 megapixel, 1-inch sensor, the same one as in the

  • Fujifilm widens X-series lens lineup

    DSLRs have their 16-35mm staple lenses, now Fujifilm is offering a 10-24mm f4 -- equivalent to 15-36mm on a full-frame camera -- X-mount lens for its X series of interchangeable-lens cameras.

  • Top 13 for 2013: The Best Cameras, Lenses and Technologies of the Year

    Few organizations shoot with as many cameras and lenses as we do in the course of a year and fewer still conduct the same level of objective testing. We've pretty well seen it all when it comes to image-capture technology and devices, so it takes a lot

  • Review: Nikon's AW1 heralds new era of rugged, waterproof cameras

    The Nikon 1 line is a bit of a mystery — are the compact interchangeable lens cameras for pros or amateurs? Photographers or filmmakers? The trouble is, very little sets them apart from fancier, better-performing cameras. That changed this fall when

  • Cyber Monday Camera Deals 2013 (UPDATED; Canon 6D body $1415; Canon ...

    Cyber Monday Camera Deals 2013 (UPDATED; Canon 6D body $1,415; Canon 50mm f/1.2L Lens $1,259; Refurb Nikon 18-200mm lens $489 & much more!) bargains camera deals Read our Canon 6D review for more details. Up to $500 off Canon 60D