Canon C300 vs The Red Scarlet!

Ryan shares his thoughts on the new Canon C300 and the Red Scarlet cameras ! Watch Mobius: Vincent Laforet's Blog

NYC's red light cameras rigged?

New York City is facing a class-action lawsuit that accuses the city of rigging their red light cameras to catch more drivers and write more tickets.(Posted by CBS News at 10/08/13)

How a Grandmother Helped Defeat Her City's Red-Light Cameras ...

In 1980, only 2200 people lived in Murrieta, California, in the arid southwest corner of Riverside County. By 2010, the population hit 103,466. It’s where families moved when the coastal counties of San Diego and Orange became too expensive. It’s a town where AYSO soccer matters, where the church buildings aren’t as old as the McDonald’s, and where Republicans win the elections. And it’s...

Source: Car and Driver Blog

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  • Red-light cameras still a go in St. Pete

    PETERSBURG — Red-light cameras will continue to police 10 intersections for now, but city council members may ask the mayor to make the cameras more forgiving. Council member Charlie Gerdes, who repeatedly has backed the program, said the city 

  • Plan to stop new red light cameras gets OK

    New red light cameras would no longer be allowed under a wide-ranging transportation proposal that received the go-ahead Thursday from a House subcommittee. But a roadblock may be ahead for the measure, which was approved in a 10-3 vote by the 

  • Wayne Police seeing decrease in red light camera infractions

    WAYNE - Since the start of Wayne Township's red light camera set up two years ago, police are seeing a decrease in infractions - about 60 being recorded a month down from about 100. Shown is one of two red light cameras in Wayne, at the corner of Black.

  • Walnut extends red-light cameras three months, wants more information

    WALNUT >> Citing concerns over the accuracy of city statistics, the City Council on Wednesday voted to spend the next four months gathering more information on the effectiveness of its two red-light cameras installed at Grand Avenue and Amar Road.

  • Red Light Traffic Enforcement Cameras Are Coming to Cleveland in February

    Cleveland's Department of Public Safety announced this week that five new red light traffic cameras are to be installed and working by the beginning of next month (red light cameras are used to capture images of vehicles that have entered an