The RED EPIC! - Film Riot

Tom Guilmette's review of the Epic: Ryan has the RED EPIC on loan from the good people of Kessler Crane, so... Now he will break it out to sho...

Epic downhill mountain bike race - Red Bull 5000 Down

Some of the greatest North American and European riders competed in the Canadian mass start downhill mountain bike race on Whistler Mountain. Here there is no such thing as bad riding conditions. Everything is welcome from snow, mud, and gnarly root infested single track. Men and women, in their...(Posted by Red Bull at 10/30/12)

Black Magic Pocket Camera Review Compared To DSLR and Red ...

In this video I am going to be reviewing the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera . There is a lot of excitement out there about this tiny little thing.

Before I started this review was most excited about 3 things:

  • High dynamic range

  • A good codec for editing and playback

  • and the price of only $995

A lot of you...

Source: Learning DSLR Video

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