50 Fantastic Photos by World Famous Photographers

50 Top Photos by world famous photographers put on a slide show.

Singapore Famous Wedding Photographers

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Seven Famous Photographers Who Used Polaroids | Arts & Culture ...

Polaroid took a step forward in both form and function when it released its sleek SX-70 in April of 1972. “Don’t undertake a project, unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible,” said Polaroid co-founder Edwin Land. The immediacy provided by a lack of peel-apart film made it the digital camera of its day. Notable photographers and artists, including Lucas Samaras and Andy Warhol,...

Source: Arts & Culture | Smithsonian.com

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    Terry O'Neill is among the world's most famous photographers of the 1960s and 70s, capturing intimate celebrity portraits of Hollywood's most iconic stars. Now the British photographer's work has a new retrospective called The Best of Terry O'Neill at

  • JYJ to Release Magazine with Photos by Famous Photographers

    “We decided to release the magazines with separate pictorials as each member is currently focused on their individual activities in film, concerts, and tours. Also, the photoshoots took place with the best photographers, Zo Sun I, Mok Na Jung, and Kim

  • Andy Warhol, William Burroughs, David Lynch, Photographers' Gallery, review

    “I want to be a machine,” Andy Warhol said in 1963. It was one of the most famous things the American Pop artist ever said, in part because it captured his apparently cool, ironic and detached attitude towards the world. Warhol wanted people to think

  • Inside the Photographer's Studio: Malick Sidibe

    Mali in March 2013. A curtain used as a backdrop hangs in Malick Sidibe's Bamako studio. The curtain has been in use since the opening of the studio in 1960 and never has been replaced. Many of Sidibe's most famous photographs feature the backdrop.

  • Gallery event captures social isolation of photographer Vivian Maier

    Since then, Maier, who didn't share her work with anyone, has become famous in a sharing culture, a time when so many of us share photographs publicly as a matter of course. She now has an international reputation in the art world, with photographs