Taiwan Special 2/3 - Fuji Xpro1 vs Nikon D700 for Travel Photography

Taiwan Special Episode 2: In the 1st episode we got challenged to visit 7 locations in Taichung, Taiwan in 3 days or else we have to pay for our entire trip....

[SPECIAL DISCOUNT] Ikelite Underwater Housing for Nikon D700 DSLR

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Nikon Df vs D700 - Photography Life

Many Nikon D700 owners are probably wondering how the Nikon Df differs from their beloved cameras in terms of features and image quality. As we have said several times in different posts, the Nikon Df could be considered the D700 replacement, depending on one’s needs. While sports and wildlife photographers (or anyone else that relies on fast fps and high-end AF) will certainly disagree,...

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  • Rumor: Nikon Possibly Launching D400 or D4X on January 17th

    Fresh rumors fueled by a contest currently underway on Nikon's Middle East & Africa Facebook page have many speculating that Nikon might be preparing to release a D4 followup, or even the long-awaited D400. According to Dubai Photo Club, who broke the

  • Calendar spotlights Sebago Lake photographers

    Panzera, a resident of Sebago, shot the picture of Otter Island with her Nikon D700. “We have lake smoke on Sebago that ices the trees as it rises,” Panzera said, describing the photo. “It may not go to the top of the trees, but everything that it

  • Shoppers line up for black Thursday in Medford

    "I miss all the good food," said Rumble, who was waiting anxiously for a D700 Nikon camera package, which had a $1,000 price reduction for the special opening. "It's going to be worth it," said Rumble, who was also planning to purchase a few Insignia

  • The Nikon Df Takes DxOMark's Low-Light Crown, Outperforms the D4

    It seems the Nikon engineers had some tricks up their sleeves when they put the D4 sensor inside the new Nikon Df, because while the sensor earned identical scores to the D4 in almost every category when DxOMark put it through its paces, the Df

  • To hell with blown highlights: the importance of experimentation and working ...

    The lesson I learnt from this experience was to really work the scene, experiment, try every angle, be bold and sometimes shoot straight into the sun. Sometimes you have to say, “To hell with blown highlights!” Taken on my Nikon D700 and 24-70mm f2.8.