Mike's Old Cameras

Mike shows 3-D, Box, Bellows, twin Lens Reflex, 8MM film cameras, all film-based technology from an earlier time. Mike collect old cameras and takes photos. ...

Aval - Old Man Romances With Her Wife

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Old cameras | Bigbus's Weblog

Time for house cleaning. Took out my old cameras for a dust off. I am not an expert in cameras. Over the years, I have used several cameras. The first camera I used was a Kodak Instamatic 25 :

This is a cheap no frills easy to use point-and-shoot camera. Camera body is made of fragile plastic. The shutter speed, aperture and focus were fixed. It has a mounting for use with...

Source: Bigbus's Weblog

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    Seeing his awesome assortment of cameras inspired me to begin collecting. We were visiting Bob, who had a large photography studio in the capital city of Austin 17 years ago. Looking around the studio, I noticed many really old and interesting looking 

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    Now you can stick a Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge into that old camera and shoot 5MP movies onto a cellphone-style sensor. And don;t worry: because the Nolab has a ground-glass screen instead of a lens, and that screen is jammed in behind the film

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