old-fashioned camera mini

This is a old-fashioned camera mini that I made back in July. I also had a few classes in July; making this album. Hope you all enjoy this album and if enoug...

Aval - Old Man Romances With Her Wife

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The 8mm Vintage Film Camera App | Toronto Standard Toronto ...

With Hipstamatic and Instagram, we’ve seen the transformative things the iPhone can do with a good camera filter, taking the ease of unique photographic production to the next digital plateau. Apps like this mean you never have to worry about lugging around a heavy camera frame, lens, and film for everyday snapshots. Now, video app makers Nexvio have come up with...

Source: Toronto Standard

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  • Still into using a vintage camera? You're not alone…

    From adjusting the camera's aperture size to manipulating the shutter speed, dedicated vintage camera users often compare the process to an artistic pursuit, like that extra brush stroke on the canvas or that little dab of clay on a sculpture to add

  • Courtney Loves Dallas Episode 7 Recap

    Courtney tells the Bravo camera, “Like, this legitimizes me. This makes me Courtney is between shots and has changed into cutoff jean shorts and T-shirt, but she is still wearing the tiara and she's drinking champagne out of an old fashioned glass

  • Cameras keep tabs on trucks on Highway 99

    They were quietly installed last fall as part of a so-called “virtual weigh station” that will soon keep tabs on commercial trucks that travel through an area of Lane County where old-fashioned weigh stations are nonexistent. The system gives officials

  • Pretty Little Liars Episode 415 Recap: Love Shackin' Up

    The camera pans over to the side where it reads, in a heart, “EF +AD.” You would literally have Spencer jumps to the same conclusions I do and gives a good old fashioned “WTF are you doing with your former mistress all day, bro?” Papa Hastings

  • What We're Reading: Janet Malcolm, “Schottenfreude,” Thomas Nagel, “Vanity ...

    Reading Janet Malcolm's essay on the German photographer Thomas Struth (it originally appeared in the magazine, and is collected in her recent book “Forty-one False Starts”), I'm struck by the similarity of her eye to that of a camera. As she says, in