My Latest Purchase: Old School Camera

I found a local store that has a plethora of old film cameras. I looked in to 16mm, 8mm and Super8. After weighing the pros and cons, I went with the Super8 ...

Spike's VGAs to Deliver Old-School Pleaser - Nick's Gaming View Episode #109

Spike’s VGAs to deliver surprise for old-school gamers, Xbox 360 nearly doubles the initial sales of Wii U during the week of Black Friday, and Nintendo confirms the Wii Mini, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW!Geoff Keighly, the host behind Spike’s GameTrailers TV, recently sparked a healthy amount of...(Posted by TheGamerAccess at 11/29/12)

Kimye Victim Caught On Camera; Ciara Confirms ... - Old School 94.5

Kanye West is under investigation after an 18-year-old claims he was punched in the face by ‘Ye after he allegedly called Kim Kardashian a “n****r lover” and threatened to kill her.

The young man taunted Kim as she walked into a doctor’s office on Wilshire Boulevard where he later came into contact with Kanye. According to reports, the alleged victim called Kim a “n****r lover” and...

Source: Old School 94.5

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  • Polaroid's Socialmatic Camera Is A Weird Mix Of Old And New School Sensibilities

    It's probably been years since you've held a physical photograph in your hands. It's probably been even longer since you've used one of those at the time revolutionary cameras that printed out photographs as soon as you took them. Well, Polaroid

  • Janesville man accused of old-school prostitution

    Davis said Patterson worked largely or exclusively with a film camera, and police have confiscated numerous printed photographs as evidence. It appears Patterson did not sell or otherwise distribute the photos, Davis said. The ages of the women varied.

  • Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With 15-Year-Old, Terminated From School

    And then that evening, they left town and stayed in a motel in the Daytona area." Bill Archibald the principal of the school who refused to go on camera did tell us Adams has been terminated from his position. He said and I quote, "We will move on from

  • South Middleton School District mulls security upgrades

    If approved, the upgrade would put the “backbone” in place where the district could add digital cameras to the analog system or replace old analog cameras with digital cameras, Glantz said. “This still allows us to use the old cameras.” He said

  • The Best and Worst Films of 2013

    A Polish couple travels to Russia and then to Argentina; the woman to teach Polish to her countrymen who have lost the language or never learned it in the first place and the man who filmed her with an old-school 16mm camera. Beautiful beyond description.