Old Skool Camera: RCA Color Video Camera CC 002

I bought this camera at Savers for $5, thinking I could use it as a movie prop. Turns out it worked. It plugs directly into a monitor and TV. Typically used ...

Camera Video of my 1988 Olds Toronado - part 1!

I had forgotten where this video was, but finally found it!! Here is part 1 of 2 of a camera tour of my beautiful 1988 Olds Toronado! This car replaced my 1986 Caddie Fleetwood that had too many problems!!! I replaced this Toronado in 2005 with an '88 Pontiac Bonneville, when I realized that a...(Posted by Ray Glasser at 08/22/12)

These Designers Make Boring Old Video Cameras Do Impossible ...

Video cameras have traditionally been used to document the world in a pretty straightforward manner. But they've become so small, and so versatile, that you can do some incredible things with them. Like the crazy world

The production is a result of a workshop at ECAL , an art and design school in Switzerland. The students there were charged with the task creating videos that the...

Source: Gizmodo

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  • VIDEO: Hidden Camera Captures Therapist Physically Abusing A 3 Year Old ...

    Stephanie Lowe and her husband hired a therapist to help care for their 3-year-old autistic son Caeden. But when they noticed that he still wasn't improving they grew suspicious and installed a hidden camera to check in on the sessions. The camera

  • Dad's hidden camera caught mum beating screaming five-year-old child

    A sobbing mum covered her ears as a secret video of her beating her screaming child was played in court. The five-year-old daughter's worried father had set up a camera on top of a bedroom wardrobe after he suspected his lover of mistreating the child.

  • 'Thug Baby' Video: Watch Uncensored Footage Of Omaha Toddler Cursing ...

    The Omaha Police Officers Association is defending itself against criticism that it antagonized the local African-American community after it posted disturbing video of a black toddler hurling obscenities and sticking up his middle finger to the camera

  • Abuse of autistic child caught on video

    The images from the video show that 3-year-old Caeden Lowe is clearly terrified of his in-home therapist, 27-year-old Stephen Jacobs. The video, which was recorded from a web camera, shows Jacobs elbowing the boy in the head, hitting him with pillows 

  • New video shows chaos, miscues before injured passenger was run over - twice

    has obtained video never seen publicly before that shows the chaotic scene of the Asiana Airlines crash landing in San Francisco last summer, where a 16-year-old who survived was later killed by a fire truck. The video is important because it