Types of Cameras

Introduction to Photography Unit 1 Lesson 4 (Part 1) There are a lot of cameras out there and humans have tried just about everything, but in this lesson we ...

Types of Lipstick Cameras

http://www.securitycamerasdirect.com/browse/categories/security-cameras/bullet-security-cameras/ - Dome, or spy security cameras, are perfect for securing property and preventing theft. However, those are noticeable to everyone who enters your office, store or home. Another option is lipstick...(Posted by sethgabiel at 06/25/13)

New Types of Cameras Becoming Popular Besides Smartphones ...

By John Stone

Everywhere you go people are taking pictures. Part of the new smartphones getting more popular has led to an increase in amount of pictures being taken as people are now carrying a high quality camera with them at all times. Apple has said that more pictures are taken everyday with an iPhone than with any other camera. Since more pictures are being taken everyday due...

Source: The Board Magazine

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  • 30 LAPD officers begin testing body cameras on patrol

    Two types of cameras are being tested: one that's worn on the lapel and another that's worn on the chest. They are made by two different manufacturers and each will be worn for 90 days. Sgt. Dan Gomez said officers have been directed to record

  • Residents Question Accuracy Of Bradley Boulevard Speed Camera

    They are a few of more than 15 residents who contacted BethesdaNow.com with citations for going 42, 43 or 44 miles per hour from the set of speed cameras on Bradley Boulevard near Huntington Parkway. Most deny they were going that fast, saying as

  • The pros and cons of cameras in EMS

    The body camera is worn either as an integrated lens and recorder, or less visibly as a small camera lens and belt-mounted recorder. The price of this type of camera has fallen dramatically; many models are actually very inexpensive. Examples include

  • City Councilman Mulls Subpoena For Secret Baltimore Traffic Camera Audit

    "The Xerox audit pertained to work in 2012 and before and was done under supervision of law dept(artment) in anticipation of several types of possible litigation. In addition its disclosure is now barred by Xerox settlement agreement," Nilson said in

  • Image Quality Testing Improves as Cameras Advance

    It is done by imaging a suitable target using the camera module under test and evaluating the quality of the reproduction of the target. But recent rapid advances in consumer-type technology – for example, 13-MP-resolution cameras in smartphones